Robin, a proud disability advocate, needs a wheelchair accessible van to pursue the purpose of her life: to encourage quality of life and choices for ALL. This has been a very practical need for a long time, but she now feels willing to put her story out there to a wider audience of friends, family, supporters, and wonderful well-wishers (AKA…YOU! 🙂

Robin, now 37 years old, was diagnosed with a rare, genetic, progressive condition called Friedreich’s Ataxia (a form of Muscular Dystrophy) when she was 12 years old. Her handsome and creative older brother, Chris, rock ‘n rolled through life, while teaching Robin how to deal with this genetic disease (he was diagnosed 8 years before her), until his passing in 2004. Friedreich’s Ataxia has forced Robin to use a wheelchair full-time as she navigates life, but she continues to persevere, despite the barriers that continue to mount.

Robin, who stopped driving in 2015, continues to pursue a life of meaning: whether it be work in independent living, veterans service, on different boards, or with young adult special-needs groups. She has devoted her adult life to these endeavors and credits being able to continue this passion to her mom, her main caregiver, driver, and friend. Though a struggle, her mother currently helps to lift and transfer Robin from her chair into their Ford Escape. It’s getting more difficult with each passing year, but she does it gladly, every single time. What Mom wouldn’t? But Robin, carrying on and giving all glory to God, is determined to live this life as mobile and with as much purpose, as possible! And this van is what is needed to make it happen.

As you can imagine, these wheelchair vans are expensive. Family friends with research found that a good condition/reliable used ramp p.m. would cost around $43,000 to before fulfilled.).

Will you join Robin’s friends and family in helping to provide this wheelchair van for her and her mother, Debbie? Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. Thank you for being a blessing! I believe the best is yet to come!