You and your designated fund advisors may recommend grants from your fund to charitable organizations by sending us a signed Grant Recommendation Form. You can recommend grants at any time although contributions must stay in your fund for at least one month prior to distribution.

Our research staff must first carry out a due diligence review process for the recommended organization. Following approval, a grant check and transmittal letter is typically sent to the grantee within a week. If the organization you recommend has not been previously vetted, the process is likely to take a bit longer. Grants are considered in the order in which they are received.

You may make up to 10 grants a year at no charge. Additional recommendations are assessed an Administrative Grant of $20 that will go into the ProvisionBridge Operating Fund to help cover grant administration costs. We hope you will actively use your fund but there is no minimum number or amount set for annual grant recommendations. Ultimately, it is our goal to see fund assets distributed to charitable recipients. If you don’t make any approved grant recommendations for two years, we will make a grant of 10 percent of your fund value to the ProvisionBridge Operating Fund. This will occur at the end of the second year and each year of inactivity that follows. At the end of five years of inactivity, the entire remaining value of your fund will be granted to the ProvisionBridge Operating Fund.