Bryan’s Podcast Feature with Russell Clemmer

Brittany Green
October 21, 2021

Bryan Green sat down with Russel Clemmer and got into more details on Helping Hands Ministries and ProvisionBridge.

They talked about…

✅The principle of “giving while you’re living” so you know where you’re money is going.

✅ Why you should be deliberate and intentional with your charitable giving.

✅A powerful non-profit fundraising strategy: Don’t ask for money 😊. “We don’t ask anyone for anything other than, ‘How may we assist you in serving others.’”

✅ The story of how Helping Hands paid off the mortgages for two families featured on the “Extreme Makeover” tv show.

✅ Keeping philanthropy in proper perspective: “Do for one that you wish you could do for a million.

It’s a great watch for those who are looking to learn more about what we do and why we do it!